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I'm Ms. Angie, and I have been involved with Mountain West Montessori from the beginning. Although my undergraduate work was in Microbiology, it was my master’s degree in Mathematics Education, as well as my Montessori training, that inspired me to dive into Mountain West Montessori Academy’s charter and serve as the first President of the Board of Directors. I see the school as an opportunity to create a community which nurtures the love of learning. I want students to retain their intellectual curiosity for the world around them, have strong adult mentors (especially in a smaller Middle School setting), and use hands-on materials for learning. I am passionate about teaching and learning, and I love being involved in offering Montessori education to the children of this community.

I have lived in South Jordan with my husband and children since 1997. When I am not working to educate children, I enjoy spending time with my family reading, traveling, writing, eating good food, walking and biking, doing yoga, attending the theatre, and DRIVING MY TESLA!!! I am always excited for another great year at Mountain West!